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Since its inception in 2010 Corporate Casting has taken a dramatically different course from that of traditional headhunting companies. The origin story for headhunting takes its name from the rather bloody practice of severing the head of an enemy as a trophy of war or conquest. The modern practice of corporate headhunting disdains the bloody part, but nonetheless still searches for the right trophy to crown an organization.

At Corporate Casting we’ve abandoned the less savory connection with headhunting and prefer to find our inspiration from the world of cinema and theatre: We find the right actor to fit the role. The role that we are casting for our client is likely that of director or CEO of a corporation. Or an NGO, a cultural or arts organization. They could either be members of the board, non-executive board members or occupy another key position within an organization.
In serving industry as well as organizations in the public realm we focus our discovery talents on filling key positions on corporate boards of directors, supervisory bodies of listed companies, family-owned businesses, financial institutions, museums, foundations, NGOs and pension funds. Corporate Casting is equally at home in the worlds of art, culture and science.

Without a script there is no cast. First, we ask our client to tell us their story, in their own words, then we help them polish that story into a cogent script. Through honest and revealing dialogue with the company’s key players we define the critical needs of the organization. Essential to this process is our well-honed practice of the art of listening. By the time we start the casting, we understand the company, we have a well-developed storyline and a refined sense of the characters necessary for fulfilling the requested role for the organization to thrive.

Corporate Casting has its own distinctive method for creating a new script to find the story behind the story if requested. We like to think of ourselves as critical sparring partners in this process. It requires a new, different way of thinking’, using lateral reasoning and breaking with traditional patterns. We break some rules. And by breaking rules we arrive at the perfect casting choice, someone who can successfully steer the company or organization to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Our unique method for screening possible candidates is highly dependent on what is the ‘real’ character of that candidate. Who are they, what do they stand for? Resumes provide all the relevant facts about knowledge and experience, but the critical factors are defined by elements of a person’s character.

It is this definition of a candidate’s character, more than experience and qualifications, that will tell us how well he or she will fit within the story, the team, the identity and the culture of the organization.

In this way Corporate Casting challenges both the client and candidate to step outside their traditional corporate comfort zones and take a calculated risk. We use our intuition to suggest a match that may not always seem logical, using the old rules, but a logic that fits the right character to the right role. This takes confidence, and guts, from both sides.

At Corporate Casting our own roles are defined by integrity, motivation, creativity, expertise, and most importantly, hard-won experience.

Each of our candidates are, ultimately, a unique choice for a role. Where and when we find real talent it always is a combination of character, knowledge, ambition and the desire to succeed. And this brings the candidate and our client the recognition, success and the applause.

All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players - Shakespeare as you like it (1600).

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At Corporate Casting we are committed and confident to sharing knowledge and skills. We are up to the challenge of shaking up the corporate boardroom if necessary, and as a critical sparring partner we do what it takes to re-write the script and refine the process to insure the right selection is made.

At Corporate Casting we are lateral thinkers. We are your trusted advisor.




At Corporate Casting our relationships are the backbone of our organization. We have developed an extensive network of these relationships in our own idiosyncratic way. We maintain close ties to all of our clients, stakeholders and candidates. ‘We keep in touch’.

After we fulfilled the role for a client our contact doesn’t end. We continue to follow with genuine interest and concern. We are there for future support and advice, adjusting the script as needed, and helping them answer the question: “What’s next after next’?

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Corporate Casting, Casting Corporates. With Corporate Creations we help our clients foster new business relationships, build networks and partnerships with other casts. We share our collective knowledge, our experience and our own extensive network to open doors for our clients, helping them realize their dreams and ambitions. In addition to finding the right actor for the role we use our network to connect people and businesses.

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Making connections is second nature at Corporate Casting. Acting on the saying "if you can’t communicate, you can’t multiply", we happily share network and contacts, and actively facilitate private events to bring people together.

In 2012 we established ‘Damesgenootschap Kenau’, an association that empowers and encourages women in the corporate world of The Netherlands.

By hosting frequent private dinners we bring people together. We sit together at the “no monkey business table”.




Corporate Casting believes in the importance of knowledge and erudition. We listen, we learn, we reflect. Through our Corporate Column we have an opportunity to share our thoughts and experience with our contacts and clients. And it gives us the ability to share our thinking on the important issues of the day in this rapidly changing world.

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…and we like to celebrate!

On the last Thursday of January each year we celebrate the new year with a joyous party focused on a timely theme or question of importance. We are proud of our past record inviting stimulating guest speakers to address these topics and each year we raise the bar a little higher, elevating both our speakers and our guests.

In August we have a traditional summer lunch to honor and celebrate our relationships. We eat and drink well, and bask in the glow not only of the summer sun but in stories of stimulating lives and work.

With pleasure we keep you posted regarding our upcoming festivities:
New Year's party - "New beginnings, new adventures"
Summer Lunch - "Let's count our blessings"
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